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How to buy

It is now our turn to explain to our Dear customers the procedure for buying a dump truck ...

1. We are selling only tipper trucks HOWO and HOWO A7 (if you are only interested in dump trucks: КамАЗ, SHACMAN, FOTON and other not less eminent manufacturers, then, in order not to lose either yours or our time, please leave our site. ))))))

2. If you are interested in quality, service, and most importantly interesting (we would call it very tasty) terms of payment, then you are at.

3. So to date, there are several types of payment terms (100% payment, and installment sale or leasing).

4. 100% payment. This type of payment implies a simple transfer of your funds to our settlement account, according to the contract of sale, after which your funds become ours, and our dump trucks - yours)) (By the way, the so-called "cash" is not accepted in any form! Strictly non-cash payments !!!)

5. And finally, the most convenient for any of our client payment terms for the dump trucks you buy (and only dump trucks) is the procedure PLACEMENT/LEASING...

You can purchase HOWO dump trucks in installments up to 24 months (2 years), with a prepayment of 30% or more.

STOCK!!! NEW PRICES until March 1, 2016 (extension of the promotion is possible):

HOWO 6x4 - 55 000 $
HOWO 8x4 - 66 000 $

HOWO A7 6x4 - 58 000 $ (we recommend)
HOWO A7 8x4 - 68 000 $ (we recommend)

from 30% (the minimum advance payment is required for customs clearance in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

the minimum amount for the installment procedure: from 5 units (we are working in the direction of reducing the minimum number of installable dump trucks)

percentage in installments count on the calculator (link to the leasing calculator below):

If you are lucky enough to buy dump trucks from us in installments, then we warn, until the debt is fully repaid, dump trucks are listed on our company and re-registration is possible only after 100% repayment of the debt by the Buyer to the Seller! (Any requests for the design of the truck to the customer until the debt is fully repaid is punishable by the customer's entry into our blacklist, which in itself is not good).

We hasten to warn you also that in our contract for the delivery of dump trucks by installments (no matter how threatening it may sound) there is a point:

9.4. In the event of default on the part of the Buyer for payment of the remaining amount of the Agreement in accordance with cl. 2.5, or delay in monthly payment for more than 60 calendar days, the Goods received by the Buyer under this Agreement specified in Annexes No.1 and No.2 shall be returned to the Seller and the amount of payment made shall be withheld by the Seller in full and shall not be refunded.

P.S. If you wish to purchase dump trucks with a smaller advance or in general   without down payment , then this action possibly when providing you with the so-called additional "hard" collateral.


EXAMPLE OF CALCULATION of the purchase of dump trucks by installments:

The client acquires 10 dump trucks HOWO 6x4 - 55 000 $;

TOTAL: each dumper on 55 000$ x 10 pc = 550 000$;

Prepayment 30% (minimum advance payment, less possible, with additional collateral);

Term: 24 months (the highest possible for the present, we are working in this direction);

Calculator considers everything automatically:

1. The value of the leased asset= 550 000 $;
2. An initial fee = 165 000 $:
3. Monthly payment = 19 541 $:
4. The general commission consists of the amount of the Commission for the organization of leasing (installment plan) and insurance premium (not to be confused with CASCO) total: 5 500$ + 16 500$ = 22 000$
5. So, the customer pays 2 points and 4 points.



Next, BLA-BLA-BLA ( do not waste time))) )

Many of our customers are faced with difficulties in ordering machinery for their construction and utility facilities. We simplify this process by giving you a step-by-step instruction for ordering equipment directly under the door, as well as providing a complete list of necessary documentation.

Methods of payment and settlement

ТОО "HOWO CENTER ALMATY" for 5 years has been a leader in the market for the supply of technology in Kazakhstan and the CIS as a whole. We have done a tremendous job in setting up the delivery of machinery of any size and quantity, which makes "HOWO CENTER ALMATY" LLP   the most profitable partner in the market of special machinery in the Middle East region.

See for yourself the advantages of   HOWO CENTER ALMATY LLP   Order one item from our catalog and get a discount for future orders right now!

  • 100% payment — You completely pay for the order, after which we deliver the equipment to any city in Kazakhstan and the CIS;
  • Leasing — the possibility of paying for the order in parts, with the periodicity and volume of payments negotiated with the manager.
  • Installments - the possibility of paying for the order in parts, without interest and cost, while the periodicity and the amount of payments are also negotiated with the manager.

Technics to order

Each unit of special equipment or a separate spare part can be ordered individually. Sometimes the specific nature of the work assumes a special approach, that is, a technique with essential modifications is extremely needed. We are ready to meet you and offer exclusive methods for improving the technology, as well as developing completely unique parts and parts.

The facilities located in China are able to produce absolutely any spare parts and special equipment on individual orders. All parts are assembled by hand, and qualified engineers will be responsible for reading your drawings. Every detail is processed with 100% identity, so there is no need to worry about its exclusive belonging and suitability.

Step-by-step purchase instruction

  1. You compose and send us a request indicating the model, the desired equipment, a list of exemplary characteristics, as well as the number of vehicles;1
  2. We   within 1-2 days receive the current price;2
  3. Further the contract of delivery consists and subscribes;3
  4. You receive an invoice for the amount specified in the contract;4
  5. Within 5 banking days, an advance payment of 30% of the order value must be made;5
  6. Within the agreed time frames, our company carries out the delivery of the Goods;6
  7. After paying the remaining 70% of the cost of the order, the technician undergoes customs clearance and pre-sale training;7
  8. The transfer of equipment to your representative is carried out in Almaty, as well as in any place convenient for you;8
  9. On the territory of Kazakhstan and the CIS, you can transport equipment both by rail and by any other means available to you.9

Required documents

In order to speed up the process of ordering and delivery of goods to you, we provide the most comprehensive list of documents necessary for the successful transport of equipment across the border. To obtain equipment from China (if you make a direct delivery) you need to hold it under your hand:

  • Chinese technical passport + translation;
  • Agreement with the Chinese authorities
  • Invoice
  • The receipt-transfer act;
  • Packing List
  • Certificate;
  • GTE;
  • Invoice
  • Charter;
  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • An application addressed to the head of the customs post.

Each of the above forms and details are discussed with the manager. We are constantly in touch with you, you can solve all your questions at any time with our manager. We will inform you about the progress of the delivery and will be warned in case of a short delay.

Trust professionals who are not the first year in this business. Order the equipment from China and be sure of the quality of the delivered goods.