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04.07.2022 04:31:34 6
Kazakhstanis removed the obligation to install the SOS button on imported cars

Kazakhstanis removed the obligation to install the SOS button on imported cars

11.06.2018 06:46:27 730
«КАМАЗ» на выставке bauma CTT RUSSIA-2018

ПАО «КАМАЗ» примет участие в выставке bauma CTT RUSSIA-2018, которая пройдет 5-8 июня в Международном выставочном центре «Крокус Экспо» в Москве.

01.07.2017 13:32:00 1681
In Kazakhstan they began to collect cargo MAZs

The assembly of dump trucks of the Minsk Automobile Plant was mastered by Astana Motors. The production of one machine takes three days.

24.06.2017 00:12:17 644
As Astana World Expo Enters the Countdown Stage, Zoomlion Helps Build the Main Pavilion to Show the Charm of Products Made in China

As a professional exhibition that receives global attention in 2017, EXPO 2017 Astana is scheduled to take place between June 10 and September 10, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Expo's theme is "Future Energy" and it will be the first time that World Expo is to be held by a Central Asian country.

24.06.2017 00:01:20 674
John Deere acquired Wirtgen Group for $ 5.2 billion

John Deere signed a definitive agreement on the acquisition of Wirtgen Group, a private international company that is a key player in the road construction equipment market. The value of the shares was € 4.357 billion, and the total amount of the transaction was € 4.6 billion ($ 5.2 billion), taking into account the approved debt obligations. The transaction will be paid for by the company's cash. Detailed information on the financial side of the agreement is available on the company's official website.

28.05.2017 23:40:51 650
Overview of 1000-strong truck MAN for "Dakar"

1000-strong MAN truck for "Dakar". How jumps and bounces // AUTOBAZAR DRIVE // Overview from

25.03.2017 718
EVAK in Kazakhstan does not work. And it seems that it will not work soon

The emergency response system "EVAK" was supposed to start operating in Kazakhstan on January 1, 2017, but at the moment it does not work in full.

13.01.2017 977
"ERA-GLONASS" has come

"ERA-GLONASS" has come From January 1, 2017, all vehicles must necessarily be equipped with terminals "ERA-GLONASS"

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