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Service of HOWO CENTER ALMATY LLP   is provided by several official representative offices in Kazakhstan. We are going to meet you - our customers, offering not only convenient conditions for long-term maintenance of the provided equipment, but also instant response on demand. Our managers work 12 hours a day, which means an instant response to any of your questions at any time convenient for you.


The Seller, together with the Goods, is obliged to transfer to the Buyer a "Service Book" in which the operating rules, the terms of TO1 and TO2, the warranty periods of spare parts must be clearly specified, and the Seller must provide the Buyer with the Product the replacement period card and the name of the used oils.

The warranty period is: 1 (One) Year or 30 000 (Thirty thousand) kilometers of run, to the main units and units (bridge, engine, gearbox), whichever comes first;

Provided that the Buyer strictly observes the technical service within the specified timeframe, the corresponding entries in the "Service Book" and the registration of these data with the representatives of the Seller at the time of passage.

The warranty period starts from the date of signing the Acceptance Certificate. In case of failure of the main units and aggregates of the Goods during the warranty period of operation, the Buyer shall inform the Seller in writing, specifying the type of the Goods, its serial number, engine number and chassis number, mileage or m / hour, and then together with the representative of the Seller inspection is carried out with drawing up the inspection certificate with conclusions and signatures of two Parties.   The Seller must within 10 (Ten) days from the receipt of the written notification and payment of travel expenses by the Buyer, inspect this Goods with the preparation of relevant documents. The buyer is obliged to provide the goods for inspection with the provision of conditions for its inspection. The seller is obliged to deliver a spare part under the warranty within 30 (thirty) working days after the inspection and signing of the Inspection Act.

In case of non-observance of operating and maintenance conditions, the Buyer pays all costs associated with the repair of this Product. In the event of receiving from the Buyer claims for the warranty Product and not detecting the declared defects, the Seller reserves the right to charge a fee for the diagnosis and servicing of the Goods, in accordance with the price list of the Service Center.

Warranty obligations do not apply to parts that are subject to wear and tear, depending on the intensity of the operating conditions and the work style of the Buyer: brake pads, brake discs and drums, wiper blades and mechanisms, cab windows, shock absorber racks, window lift mechanism, cab lift, bonnet, door locks, hoses, pipes, branch pipes, RVD. (high-pressure hose), rubber covers and bushings, anthers, cuffs, gaskets, gaskets, bulbs, fuses, relays, as well as parts and materials with regulated service life (spark plugs, nozzles, filters, belts, oils, cooling and brake liquid). Tires and batteries are not covered either.

All consumables in the period of operation, which include: brake pads, filters, batteries, oils, rubber products, tires, etc. must be purchased from the Seller.

Warranty obligations become invalid before the expiration of the warranty period in the following cases:

- at untimely passage of Technical Service;

- in the absence of registration of the passage of the Technical Service in the Service Book from the representative of the Seller, as well as with the loss of the Service Book;

- in case of non-observance of the instructions and requirements of the Operating Instructions of the Goods supplied by the manufacturer;

- in the case of removal of seals, as well as disassembling the main components (engine, gearbox, hydraulics, bridge) of the Goods without the written permission of the Seller or his representative;

- in case of damage to the Goods as a result of a traffic accident;

- at re-equipment or modification of the construction of the Goods, as well as self-repair of parts, assemblies and units without preliminary agreement with the Seller or the manufacturer;

- with an inoperative speedometer.

Elimination of deficiencies arising for the reasons listed above is made on general grounds, at the expense of the Buyer.

The above indemnities for warranties are the only and exclusive. The Seller shall not be liable for direct, foreseeable, indirect (including lost profits) or other losses arising from the terms of contracts, civil law or caused by other causes.


The length of warranty service varies depending on the manufacturer and the equipment of the equipment, so this moment should be checked with the manager. But in addition to the warranty period of service, we provide support to our clients at favorable and convenient conditions for you. If you have any problems, if you want to improve or upgrade your equipment, we will help you by providing prompt and effective service, supply of spare parts.

Contact our regional manager, specify the availability and the duration of maintenance of the special equipment that interests you, and rest assured that "HOWO CENTER ALMATY LLP"   does not throw your own in trouble! Submit your application